Welcome to Modern Classics for Kids! This site aims to help parents, educators, and kids in finding great books to read. Adults often stick to the books they remember as kids. Some of these are great, but they may not speak to today’s child. Still, it is hard to navigate the ocean of contemporary books, and parents often don’t know where to begin in helping their children choose a book that has been written in this millennium. Enter Modern Classics for Kids. Here, you’ll find suggestions of books you may like, based on your preference of books that you have read and loved. It is my hope that this information will steer you towards wonderful books so that kids will develop a lifelong love for reading.


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We love hearing about the books you and your kids have enjoyed.Please send an email to sara@modernclassicsforkids.com to make suggestions for books to be featured in future posts.


Meet Sara Gentry

I love to read… but I am the grownup who has always loved children’s literature. Books are an important part of childhood and help shape young people into the adults they will become. For this reason, I believe it is important to nurture a love of reading in kids, and the best way to do that is to make sure they are reading books they love. It gives me great joy when I can help a child find a new favorite!

I am a married mother of two children. In college, I studied both mathematics and music, subjects that I still find very interesting. In addition to reading and writing, I enjoy playing the piano, jogging, cycling, and watching college sports, especially football and volleyball.

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